Saving Archival Collections

The Niels Bohr Library & Archives (NBL&A) is the official repository for the permanently valuable records of the American Institute of Physics (AIP) and its Member Societies. The NBL&A does not try to acquire personal manuscript collections, but seeks to preserve those collections at the most appropriate repository by serving as a liaison between physicists or their heirs and other archival repositories.

We work to retain the relationships between physicists’ research and their personal papers by placing their manuscript collections at the repository most associated with their published work. The NBL&A will at times accept an important collection for which a better repository cannot be found; if a more appropriate repository is later developed, the collection may be transferred.

The NBL&A also supports other archives with our Grants to Archives program, which provides funding for preserving, inventorying, arranging, describing, or cataloging collections in the history of physics.

All our collections are housed in modern climate-controlled facilities, and are described in our International Catalog of Sources (ICOS). In addition, finding aids for many of our collections are online and searchable.

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