Hail to the editors-in chief

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14 December 2015

AIP Publishing wishes to thank David Campbell, Ron Davidson, John Kim, Gary Leal, and Al Macrander for their dedicated years of service to their journals and the communities surrounding them. With more than a century of collective leadership, these five editors shaped Chaos, Physics of Plasmas, Physics of Fluids, and Review of Scientific Instruments into indispensable tools for the scientific community, serving to advance the understanding of the world around us and our place within it. It is with a great sense of honor that the staff of AIP Publishing wishes these editors success in their future endeavors, and thanks them for their tremendous efforts in serving their communities and the scientific endeavor.   

Cake thanking five outgoing AIPP editors

David K. Campbell—Editor-in-Chief of Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science (1994–2015)

Ronald C. Davidson—Editor-in-Chief of Physics of Fluids B: Plasma Physics (1989–1993) and Physics of Plasmas (1994–2015)

John Kim and L. Gary Leal—Editors-in-Chief of Physics of Fluids (1998–2015)

Albert T. Macrander—Editor-in-Chief of Review of Scientific Instruments (2000–2015)