Inside Science TV video features R&D 100 Award winner

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14 December 2015

ISTV video - Nano-Wire Packs Portable PowerInside Science TV videos frequently take viewers inside laboratories where cutting-edge research is being performed to show the general public what’s new and what’s happening in science research. This was the case in an Inside Science TV video that featured the work of a team led by Jayan Thomas, a nanotech engineer at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando. The team has been developing super-thin “nanowhiskers” that can store and transmit energy. The nanowhiskers can carry much more energy in the same space than a traditional battery, and the technology may someday be woven into fabrics that could be used to charge electronic devices such as phones on the fly. The Inside Science TV video was seen by Robert Bernath, business development manager at the UCF Office of Technology Transfer, who included a link to the video in an application for the prestigious R&D 100 Awards sponsored by R&D Magazine. Earlier this month, Bernath informed Inside Science that Professor Thomas and his group had won an R&D 100 Award for their work! A UCF news release describes the award, reports on the latest news on nanowhisker technology, and includes a link to the Inside Science TV video.