Physics Today, January 2016 issue

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4 January 2016

PT new look - January 2016Since its first issue in 1948, Physics Today has been committed to publishing high-quality news stories, feature articles, and commentaries from across the physical sciences. The publication design has evolved over the years, as shown in this animated graphic prepared in anticipation of the unveiling of its latest design.

Learn about the design team’s creative process and the end results of the latest redesign:

  • Why did Physics Today redesign the magazine?
  • What major differences can readers expect to see in the new design?
  • What is NOT changing?

On the cover of the January 2016 issue: Ancient glassware, such as the Roman vases in this photograph, attests to the long-term metastability of many glasses. Among the numerous peculiarities of glassy materials is that they retain the disordered particle configurations of liquids yet gain the solidity of crystals. (Photo by Sailko/Wikimedia Commons)

Feature articles:

  • "Shape-programmable materials"
  • "Facets of glass physics"
  • "A perfect proposal" (grant application helped launch hydrogen-line radio astronomy)