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5 October 2015

AAAS logoAs we all know, scientific and technical meetings and conferences bring researchers, education, and federal program officers together to advance fields and drive innovation. However, non-scientists, and policymakers in particular, largely do not have an appreciation of the importance of conferences to the progress of science and technology. To this end, AAAS would like to hear your anecdotes that highlight the important role of conferences and meetings in the science, technology, engineering, math, and public health research communities. Please take a moment to share your story about a collaboration that started at a conference and led to an exciting new discovery, or how you were exposed to a new way of thinking that was crucial to your success in your field. 

AAAS is asking for your help to put a face and a story to why conferences are important to science. Since current regulations affect federal employees and contractors most, stories that involve collaborations with colleagues at federal agencies, national labs, or research institutes are highly encouraged. AAAS will then take your message to policymakers to ensure our community is heard from on this critical issue. With your help we can make sure that the community’s voice is heard on the importance of scientific and technical conferences. Submissions are being accepted on the AAAS website. Submissions will be vetted before being made public, either on the web or in letters.