Physics Trends flyers

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20 October 2016

AIP <i>Physics Trends</i> on the hit show <i>The Big Bang Theory.</i>As part of its data dissemination efforts, the Statistical Research Center produces two sets of Physics Trends flyers each academic year. These 8½ x 11 posters depict data targeted to the interests of either undergraduate or graduate students and are intended to be posted in hallways and public areas of colleges and universities. The flyers have proven to be a successful way to communicate relevant information to physics and astronomy students who may not otherwise have been informed on a topic. Some department chairs have reported that the flyers are also helpful when talking either with deans or with the parents of prospective majors.

The flyers have become such a routine sight on the bulletin boards of physics departments across the country that they have been used on the set of the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory to help give the scenes that take place in the physics building an authentic look.

A set of three flyers was recently mailed to SPS chapter advisors and physics and astronomy department chairpersons. If you want to receive hard copies of the Physics Trends flyers, contact Judith Mulvey (jmulvey [at] (Judith M)jmulvey [at] (ulvey)) of the SRC staff. You can also find and download the latest flyers on the SRC website.

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