Statistical Research Center publishes lists of top-producing physics bachelor’s departments

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19 January 2016

As part of a report on the status of physics bachelor’s degrees in the United States, the Statistical Research Center (SRC) has made available lists of the departments that award the most physics bachelor’s degrees. Separate lists are available for PhD-granting, master’s-granting, and bachelor’s-granting departments. “Several universities have issued press releases highlighting that their physics departments made AIP’s top producers list,” said Patrick Mulvey, the study’s author. 

As the number of physics bachelor’s degrees in the United States reached another record high of more than 7,500 in 2014, the lists of top-producing departments became longer. About 90 bachelor’s-only physics departments (out of almost 500) averaged 10 or more graduates in the classes of 2012, 2013, and 2014. Fifteen years ago, when the number of physics bachelor’s degrees conferred was at its most recent low, there were only 26 departments that could make this claim.

Each year, the SRC collects data from physics departments about the number of physics degrees earned and enrollments in various physics courses. These lists are a product of that survey. To see the complete lists and to see more data on physics bachelor’s degrees, please read the report on the SRC’s website.