About the Statistical Research Center

The Statistical Research Center collects, analyzes and disseminates data on education, careers, and diversity in physics, astronomy and other physical sciences. We are your source for reliable data on:

  • Enrollments and degrees at all levels of education in physics, astronomy and related fields from high school through the PhD.
  • Demographic profiles of physics faculty in high schools, 2-year colleges, 4-year colleges, and universities.
  • Common careers of physicists and astronomers with bachelor's degrees, master's degrees or PhDs.
  • Workforce dynamics including unemployment, underemployment, staff turnover, retirement and the number of positions available.
  • Issues that cut across education and employment such as the representation of women and minorities in physics and related fields.

We also contract with professional societies to carry out surveys on topics of particular concern to their organizations, including:

  • Profiles of professional society membership.
  • Studies of the benefits of society membership.
  • Salaries and employment prospects in specific fields.

Senior staff and their areas of expertise



Susan White

Susan White, Interim Director, swhite [at] aip.org or 301-209-3056

  • High school physics teachers or students
  • Physics faculty in 2-year colleges
  • Contract surveys
  • Statistical methods
Parick Mulvey

Patrick Mulvey, Research Manager, pmulvey [at] aip.org or 301-209-3076

  • Degrees awarded (bachelor’s, master’s or PhDs) in physicsand astronomy
  • Student enrollment trends at the undergraduate or graduate level
  • Initial employment of recent bachelor’s degree recipients in physics and astronomy
  • Initial employment of recent physics and astronomy PhDs

Anne Marie Porter, Survey Scientist, amporter [at] aip.org or 301-209-3039

  • Representation of women in physics and astronomy
  • Faculty members in physics and astronomy departments 
  • Persistence of undergraduate students in physics
  • PhD Plus 10 study of mid-career physics PhD recipients
Judith Mulvey

Judith Mulvey, Statistics Project Coordinator, jmulvey [at] aip.org or 301-209-3070

  • Products and services the Statistical Research Center offers,e.g. mailing lists
  • General inquiries or when you are unsure of whom to contact with your question

Operational Resource Group

2018 Members

Carlos López-Mariscal, Committee Chair, Underwater Photonics, MX

Adrian Lenardic, Rice University, TX

James Maxwell, American Mathematical Society, RI

Laurie McNeil, University of North Carolina, NC

Marie Plumb, Representing the community college community, NY

Vashti Sawtelle, Michigan State University, MI

Aaron Schuetz, Yorktown High School, VA

Quinton Williams, Howard University, DC