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Piero Spillantini and unidentified others at the 2004 European Cosmic Ray Symposium
Unidentified individuals at the Light and Quanta Lectures at Rockefeller Institute
Unidentified individuals raising a turret to top of 10,000 N shelter at Los Alamos National Laboratory
J.E. Mack and B.C. Benjamin eating field lunch during survey of "Z"
Unidentified individuals installing equipment a Los Alamos National Laboratory
B.C. Benjamin and B. Brixner drilling a channel on top of 10,000 yd. N shelter
Benjamin C. Benjamin and George A. Economou preparing Torpex charges
View of the Los Alamos Ranch Trading Post
Pope John Paul II touring CERN
Daniel Kevles and Judith Goodstein looking through California Institute of Technology archives
Unidentified mechanics working at Breslau University
Rudolf Ludeke and Bruce D. Sartwell conversing
Bertil Lindblad (right) and Adriaan Van Maanen
Harry Lipkin conversing with R.N. Haslam and Peter T. Demos
Andreana [Ecno]?, Elfreda Segre and Lorenzo Emo enjoying the outdoors
William Megger with Siegbahn and others at the Nobel Institute
Jean Heustis with Mary Beth Marshall Sard laughing
Jeanne Goudsmit conversing with unidentified others in Rome, Italy
Jeanne Goudsmit with unidentified women enjoying the outdoors


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