Decorated stairway at Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory
59th AAS meeting
Theodore Von Karman interviews
Robert Millikan with son Max, age 5, in Washington, D.C.
Gerald Holton tribute event
Owen Richardson, R.A. Millikan, A.H. Compton, G. Marconi, P. Ehrenfest and O.M. Corbino
Owen Richardson, R.A. Millikan and A.H. Compton at the International Conference on Nuclear Physics
Henry Norris Russell in Uppsala with others
Henry Norris Russell at the Physical Institute in Uppsala with others
A.J. Rutgers and H. Casimir sitting outdoors
Project Matterhorn Team
Emilio Segre, Chen Nin Yang, Owen Chamberlain, Tsung Dao Lee, Edwin McMillan, Carl Anderson, Isidor Rabi and Werner Heisenberg at the tenth International Conference on High Energy Physics
Hans Heinrich Staub (left) standing on steps of a building talking with Egon Bretscher (right)
Attendees of the Cosmic Ray Conference in Pasadena, CA
Ralph W. Wyckoff (left) and Prof. Nishikawa (right) standing on steps of ivy covered building
Commemoration Meeting for Niels Bohr, Copenhagen in 1963
Trustees meeting
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