Living rooms

Ryogo Kubo visits Emilio Segre and family
Einstein at Home
Bethe and Segre
Bethe and Segre
Emilio Segre and Carlo Rubbia having a conversation in Segre's living room
Unidentified woman, Emilio Segre, and Carlo Rubbia at Segre's home
Emilio Segre speaking with Carlo Rubbia during a visit at Segre's home
Teller and Segre
Teller and Segre
Informal portrait of Emilio Segre
Informal portrait of Emilio Segre
Dodge seated on couch
Unidentified formal livingroom
Albert Einstein in his living room
Arley, Kalackar, Rosenfield, Frish, and Rosenfield
Teller and Ginzburg
Yakov Zeldovich with Vera Rubin
Stanford Woosley, Mike Howard and Donald Clayton in Howard's Livermore home
Teller laughing
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