Gypsy Camp in Austria
Gypsy Camp in Austria
Large Concrete Structure in Vienna
Dodge and Unidentified Others on Horse Drawn Wagon
Dodge's Wife Takes Buggy Ride
Dodge with horse
People and horse-drawn carriages crowd the grounds of Lick Observitory
Grace and Edwin Hubble
Young Gemant on Rocking Horse
Everly Workman and Clipper (The Horse) riding the brush on the east end of New Mexico Experimental Range
Dodge Rides in Carriage
Dodge with Horse and Buggy
Dodge Surveys
Maria Goeppert Mayer and Gustav Born (Max Born's son) with a horse outdoors
William Meggers with horses clearing land on a farm
Robert Oppenheimer with his horse, Crisis, at his New Mexico ranch
Early X-ray equipment is used to diagnose injuries to a race in Lexington, KY
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