Physics Today Collection

National electrical standards were officially transferred to the NBS Gaithersburg laboratories with signing ceremony
Portrait of Thomas Weatherly
Group of attendees from the Conference of Cosmic Rays
William Swann with unidentified others walking outdoors
Orchestra that William Swann was conductor
William Swann conversing with unidentified others
William Swann at an American Physical Society (APS) meeting
Informal portrait of Robert Sharp
Donald Barr, benno Schoenborn, B. Grant Logan, Nicholas Samios and Charles Scott conversing
Elena Bonner, second wife, with Andrei Sakharov during his funeral
Funeral procession for Andrei Sakharov
Stephen Hawking in Hereford Cathedral
Stephen Hawking and James Hartle
Portrait of Fred Spiess
Albert Snow lecturing to Serge Korff, B. Hamwitz, Leon Fisher and Yardley Beers
Portrait of Mary La Salle Shoaf
Informal portrait of Kay Setze
Informal portrait of Kay Setze
Kay Setze going through paperwork in office
Informal portrait of Roderic Scott


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