Physics Today Collection

Alfred Redfield working with equipment
Portrait of John William Strutt Rayleigh, Third Baron
James Thomson
William Rarita and Wladek Swiatecki conversing
Portrait of Sanqiang Qian
Portrait of Louis Prisco
Steven Orszag giving a lecture
Portrait of Edward O'Neill
Nicolaas Bloembergen
L.B. Okan, Emilio Segre and Edward Teller lecture in front of blackboard
Portrait of Brian O'Donnell
J.R. O'Connor speaking at the International Conference on Silicon Carbide
Portrait of Henry O'Bryan
Thomas O'Halloran working with an overhead projector
Portrait of Joseph O'Grady
Portrait of Joseph O'Flaherty
Portrait of Mary O'Brien
Heinrich Hertz
Portrait of Isaac Newton on the cover of Harper's Young People maginze


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