Stephen Jacobs Collection

Glenn Lectures from the Blackboard
Optically Pumped CW Cs Laser Oscillator
Stephen Jacobs with Cesium laser
Optically pumped Cesium laser
Unsuccessful system used at Technical Research Group
Possibly the first photograph of a laser beam
Cesium Energy Level diagram
Casual photo of Brewer
Erwin Hahn
Brewer and Scully Attend PQE Summer School
Erwin Hahn
Bullough Writing on Blackboard
Chiao Lecturing
James Mercereau lecturing at Physics of Quantum Electronics (PQE) summer school
Chiao Lecturing
Robert Oppenheimer speaking at the American Physical Society press conference
Cummins and Jacobs Converse
Paul Rabinowitz and Al Saxman at Physics of Quantum Electronics (PQE) summer school
Quantum Electronics (PQE) summer school


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