Yerkes Observatory Collection

Association of Midwest Astronomers with Yerkes Observatory Staff, May 22, 1925
Four unidentified men surround the tube of a photoheliograph and photographic house
American Association of Variable Star Observers at Yerkes Observatory, September 5, 1925
The old Kenwood Observatory in Chicago belonged to the family of George Ellery Hale
Speakers at the International Astrophysical Conference on Novae and White Dwarf Stars in Paris, France, 1939
On the Yerkes Observatory expedition to Santa Catalina Island, California (Camp Wrigley) to record the total solar eclipse of September 10, 1923
Yerkes Observatory staff in August 1915
Barnard with Willard Lens Mounting
Visit of Soviet Astronomers to Yerkes Observatory, November 1946
Yerkes Observatory staff in March 1938
Attendes at the 4th conference of the International Union for Co-operation on Solar Research
Instrument builder Charles Ridell in the Yerkes Observatory shop, March 6, 1926
Jakob Kunz viewing the total eclipse of the sun
Refractor Telescope at the Yerkes Observatory
William W. Morgan taking the 10,000th spectroheliogram at Yerkes Observatory
The 40-inch Yerkes Observatory refracting telescope
William W. Morgan at the Bruce Telescope, Yerkes Observatory
Yerkes Observatory 24-inch reflector telescope
Portrait of Otto Struve serving as a Russian Army lieutenant during World War I


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