Shapley Collection

Arts and Sciences Delegation Endorses Roosevelt
View of the domes at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope
Harlow Shapley with a group of Egyptian astronomers
Laws Observatory in Columbia, Missouri as it appeared around 1910
Committee for Intellectual Cooperation of the League of Nations at Geneva in 1922
Scientists gathered in Moscow to celebrate 220th anniversary of Soviet Academy of Science
Aerial view of Boyden Station of Harvard College Observatory in South Africa
Harlow Shapley in the Observatory office he inherited from Pickering
Harlow Shapley (right) with his oldest sons, Lloyd and Willis, on the beach
Harlow Shapley at the time of his wedding to Martha Betz
Shapley Homestead in Barton County, Missouri
Harlow Shapley at his famous rotating desk at Harvard College Observatory
Harlow and Mrs. Shapley at their farm in Sharon, New Hampshire
Harlow Shapley working at his desk
Harlow Shapley with his three eldest grandchildren
Curtis with Crossley Reflector
Harlow Shapley working on the documentary film, 'Of Stars and Men.'.
The Shapley family: Alan, Willis, Harlow, Lloyd, Carl, Martha, and Mildred
Einstein and Shapley


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