Shapley Collection

View of the domes at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope
Harlow Shapley with a group of Egyptian astronomers
Aerial view of Boyden Station of Harvard College Observatory in South Africa
Laws Observatory in Columbia, Missouri as it appeared around 1910
Committee for Intellectual Cooperation of the League of Nations at Geneva in 1922
Scientists gathered in Moscow to celebrate 220th anniversary of Soviet Academy of Science
Einstein and Shapley
American representatives en route to Copenhagen just after World War II for a conference
The one room schoolhouse attended by Harlow Shapley in Jasper, Missouri
Menzel, Einstein, Birkhoff, with Shapley
Harlow Shapley with William Tyler Olcott at Harvard College Observatory
Henrietta Leavitt
Brown and Shapley
Harlow Shapley converses with Ejnar Hertzsprung
Harvard College Observatory tea on the lawn of the residence
Dyson and Shapley at Oak Ridge Observatory
John Shapley and Harlow Shapley in Boston Massachusettes
The dramatic moment in the Harvard College Obsevatory Pinafore at the Observatory residence
Ames with Globe


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