Segrè Collection

Emilio Segre meeting with unidentified person in Italy
Emilio Segre speaking in Rome
American Airlines public relations photograph showing the arrival of Emilio Segre and his wife in San Francisco
Blackboard at Lawrence Lab announcing the news of the day
Nobel Medal for Emilio Segre in 1954
Emilio Segre and family hiking outdoors
Giancarlo Facca
Emilio Segre and Isidor Rabi conversing
Emilio Segre at a ceremony for Nobel Prize winners
California Governor Pat Brown and Mrs. and Professor Emilio Segre
Emilio Segre and Leo Pincherle conversing
Emilio Segre exiting building with two others
Informal portrait of Rae Stiening
Informal portrait of Rae Stiening
Cabibbo Lecturing
Nicola Cabibo Lecturing
Porter, Galor, Emilio Segre and Max Delbruck in London
Emilio Segre's Nobel Diploma
Emilio Segre's Nobel Diploma
Emilio Segre, Linenberger and Farwell at Lake Catherine


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