Segrè Collection

Norman Ramsey, Emilio Segre, (background) A. Ozmen and R. Sternheimer at conference
Tamm and Segre in Moscow
Glenn Seaborg and Emilio Segre holding a cigar box containing the first sample of plutonium-239
Emilio Segre in front of the Royal Institution
Emilio Segre sitting at table speaking
Emilio Segre speaking in New York at IBM
Emilio Segre walking outside in Marisuolle
Emilio Segre and M. Jakobson enjoying the outdoors
Emilio Segre with unidentified others on beach
Emilio Segre with unidentified others at Club di Roma
Back of Emilio Segre's Nobel Prize medal
Portrait of Otto Stern
Portrait of Terry Wallace
Mary and Arthur Wahl enjoying the outdoors in Los Alamos, NM
Victor Weisskopf, Emilio Segre and Enrico Fermi with unidentified man, Robert Bacher, Elfriese Segre, and Hans Bethe at Los Alamos
Robert R. Wilson's house in Batavia, Illinois
Emilio Segre with wife, Elfriede and his son and daughter, Claudio and Amelia


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