Segrè Collection

Edwin McMillan, Emilio Segre, Isidor Rabi, Hans Bethe, and Luis Alvarez outside the Oppenheimer Study Center
Gerhard Herzberg
Friedrich Paschen in a train station in Como, Italy
Hund and Waller
Informal portrait of Burton Richter
Glenn Seaborg writing on a blackboard
Portrait of Emilio Segre
Informal portrait of Emilio Segre
Informal portrait of Emilio Segre
Samuel Ting
Emilio Segre, Pieter Zeeman and Zeeman's daughter [not verified] outdoors
Unidentified man, Rosa Segre and Emilio Segre at the Los Alamos 40th year reunion
Emilio Segre and Ambassador Rinaldo Petrignani at the ceremony
Rosa Segre (Emilio Segre's second wife) at Los Alamos
President Ronald Reagan shaking Jack Steinberger's hand while holding Nobel Medal case
Otto Stern smoking a cigar while in laboratory
Arthur C. Wahl at his home in Lo Alamos
Steven Weinberg lecturing using an overhead projector
Fritz Zwicky and Otto Stern
Leon Lederman


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