Ramsey Collection

Norman Ramsey and Chen Ning Yang at Stony Brook
Norman Ramsey and Tsung Dao Lee at Lindau
S. Cramton, N. Ramsey and D. Kleppner looking at equipment
Norman Ramsey (center, facing camera) and students at Harvard
Alvarez and Ramsey
Norman Ramsey with a molecular beam
Cronin, E. Ramsey, N. Ramsey Outdoors
Norman and Ellie Ramsey in the Czech Republic
Feld, Schwinger, and Ramsey Converse
Elinor and Norman Ramsey in New Hampshire
Bethe and Ramsey at Cornell Banquet
Norman and Ellie Ramsey on Minau Island, Germany
Fowler, Placzek, Ramsey, Foster and Kopfermann converse
Portrait of Norman Ramsey
Rudolf Mossbauer (left) and Norman Ramsey (right) at a gathering
Norman Ramsey at Washington's birthday party at the U.S. embassy in Paris
Norman Ramsey at the dedication of the Auditorium at Fermilab
Portrait of Norman Ramsey
Informal portrait of Norman Ramsey
Zacharias in Boca Raton


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