Bainbridge Collection

Attendees of the Conference on Nuclear Masses and Their Determination, July 10-12, 1956
Attendees of the Mass Spectroscopy Conference for the National Bureau of Standards
Jerome Wiesner and Laya Wiesner at Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard
Casual Portrait of Bacher
Edwin Kemble sits outdoors at Crane's Beach
Isidor Isaac Rabi with his wife
Francis Loomis
Portrait of Bridgman
Edwin Kemble, John H. Van Vleck and Robert Serber at Kemble's 90th birthday party
J.J. Thomson and Ernest Rutherford conversing
Portrait of Aston
Allis at Woods Hole Oceanographic Lab
Hahn and Mattauch
Ernest Rutherford showing Joseph John Thomson (right) to his seat
Francis and Edith Loomis
Portrait of Aston
Barrow with Telescope
Joseph Mattauch speaking at a blackboard during conference
T. Bjerge, G. F. C. Searle, Ernest Rutherford, C. H. Westcott, and F. W. Aston


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