Landé Collection

Ewald, Sommerfeld, Gerlach and Lande conversing outside of the University of Tubingen
Lucy Hensing, Alfred Lande, Schmitz and other unidentified at University of Tubingen
Portrait of Richard Lorenz
Einstein with Hopi
Paul Ewald Group Photo
Ioffe, Robert Pohl, Alfred Lande and others at Batumi.
Portrait of Eduard Riecke
Gustav Tammann
Portrait of Wilhelm Roentgen
Portrait of Bernard Schwalbe
Alpheus Smith, Otto Stern, Alfred Lande, and Llewellyn Thomas
Johann von Bezold
Portrait of Emil Warburg
Group Photo at Botanisher Garten
Portrait of Max Born
Portrait of Gehlhoff
Fritz Haber
Portrait of Ludwig Prandtl
Portrait of Wilhelm Weber


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