Clayton Collection

Wallace Sargent with others at a pub lunch
John Mathis at NASA workshop
The OSSE team at the Navy Research Lab
Attendees at Yerkes Observatory Conference
Clayton and Sargent Hiking
Clayton and Pantelaki Work in Office
Clayton, Hoeflich and an Unidentified Man Conversing
Clayton Outdoors in Rome
Clayton Lectures at Rice University
Casual Portrait of Clayton
Schloss Ringberg Workshop on Nuclear Astrophysics
Group with Fowler's Train
Greynog Workshop on Isotopic Anomalies group portrait
Nalin Chandra Wickramasinghe and Donald Clayton in Cardiff in the garden
Clayton at Max Planck Institute
Richard Macklin, Donald Clayton and John H. Gibbons at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Stanford Woosley delivering his lecture on the second morning at Gregynog for the 1976 Workshop on Isotopic Anomalies
Clayton and Ward Outdoors at MPI
Frank Podosek; Gerald Wasserberg and Alastair Cameron at the Gordon Conference
Conference on Massive Objects


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