Jackson Collection

Eugene Wigner, Schwinger and Keeping conversing
Leonid Ponomarev; Semen Gershtein; J.D. Jackson and Yuri Petrov at a workshop
Erika and Lev B. Okun at the Palo Alto Wetlands
Tatiana Faberge
Gottfried and Jacob
Cronin Hikes in Mountains
Wolfgang Pauli finishing some refreshments on the excursion
CERN Theory Group picnic
Sidney Meshkov (right) and an unidentified Bedouin at the Sinai Peninsula
Mrs. Valentine Telegdi (Lia) and Morris Pripstein at Gottfried garden party
Eugene Wigner and W. Opechowski on the University of Alberta campus
Goldhaber's Sightsee in Budapest
Cronin and Pirouie Outdoors Near Aspen
Chris Quigg, Barbara Jackson and Jean Tran Thanh Van in Flaine, France
US Japan HEP Hike
CERN picnic
Yuval Ne'eman, Sidney Meshkov, Capt. Dani Sadiq, Murray Gell-Mann and Fred Zachariasen
Chris Quigg and Elizabeth Quigg in Ithaca, New York
June Steingart-Chamberlain


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