Jackson Collection

Eugene Wigner, Schwinger and Keeping conversing
Leonid Ponomarev; Semen Gershtein; J.D. Jackson and Yuri Petrov at a workshop
Erika and Lev B. Okun at the Palo Alto Wetlands
Tatiana Faberge
Satoshi Ozaki, Leon Lederman and Roy F. Schwitters during a break of the US-Japan HEP joint meeting
CERN Theory Group picnic
John C. Ward at the Blowing Stone at Kingston Lisle, Cotswold, U.K.
John Polinghorne and Michael Moravcsik enjoying the outdoors
Cornell Garden Party
Kiev 'Rochester' Conference 1970
Jacques Prentki at a CERN Theory Group picnic
Willibald Jentschke and William Wright at conference in Geneva
Wolfgang Panofsky holding court with other lab directors during an excursion on the Dnieper
Charles Zemach
Gottfried and Jacob
Cronin Hikes in Mountains
Wolfgang Pauli finishing some refreshments on the excursion
CERN Theory Group picnic


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