Lawrence W. Jones Collection

Cosmic Ray Meeting July 2000
Piero Spillantini and unidentified others at the 2004 European Cosmic Ray Symposium
H. Richard Gustafson playing a guitar in the control room of a Fermilab experiment
Michigan visitors by the Fermilab Tevatron main control room
Michigan visitors in a Fermilab conference room, learning about accelerator/high energy laboratories
E-613 collaboration meeting at Fermilab
Members of the E-613 collaboration in front of a Fermilab building
E-613 experiment, group discussion in a Fermilab conference room
Glaser Attends Physics Colloquium.
28th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Tsukuba, Japan
Lawrence Jonse attending the Frascatti Accelerator Conference
Isidor Isaac Rabi visits Ann Arbor
Madison in Summer
Test Run of the single particles and interactions in the Nal crystal at the Bevatron at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Crane Celebrates his 95th Birthday
International Cosmic Ray Conference; XIII, Pylos, Greece
Lawrence Jones transfering chairmanship to Dick Gustafson
Isidor IsaacRabi visits Ann Arbor in the spring
Members of the Hadron Calorimeter group stand near the completed CERN hadron calorimeter
(MURA) experiment trailer on the summit of Mt. Evans


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