Lawrence W. Jones Collection

Cosmic Ray Meeting July 2000
Piero Spillantini and unidentified others at the 2004 European Cosmic Ray Symposium
H. Richard Gustafson playing a guitar in the control room of a Fermilab experiment
Michigan visitors by the Fermilab Tevatron main control room
Michigan visitors in a Fermilab conference room, learning about accelerator/high energy laboratories
E-613 collaboration meeting at Fermilab
Members of the E-613 collaboration in front of a Fermilab building
E-613 experiment, group discussion in a Fermilab conference room
MURA Michigan summer study
International Cosmic Ray Conference; XI International Symposium
L3 Michigan Group standing in the cylindrical container for the L3 CERN hadron calorimeter
CERN International Conference on Particle Accelerators and Detectors
A 2000 liter liquid hydrogen target tank is delivered
Cosmic Ray Conference, Karlsruhe, Germany
Russian 10 GeV Synchrotron
International Cosmic Ray Conference; XI International Symposium, Campinas, Brazil
L3 Michigan Group in front of the central 5 CERN hadron caorimeter rings
Tigner presents a lecture
Liquid hydrogen is transferred to the hydrogen target at the Echo Lake Laboratory
Cosmic Ray Conferences; L3, Beijing, China


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