Rene Bureau Collection

Franco Rasetti's house
Rene Bureau, C. E. Resser, G. D. Maxey, and J.W. Laverdiere at the foot of Mount Stephen
Franco Rasetti skis at Lake Beauport
Franco Rasetti sits outdoors at Lake Ross, British Columbia
Franco Rasetti teaches a course to Claude Geoffrion and Alberic Boivin
Paul Koenig converses with Franco Rasetti during a coffee break
Franco Rasetti, Carl Faessler, Abbe J. W. Laverdiere and Rene Bureau stand before a conglomerate band of Cambrian inferior one
Abbe J.W. Laverdiere, G. D. Maxey, Rene Bureau, Paul Koenig, Franco Rasetti and C. E. Resser at Lake Ross
Franco Rasetti works in his laboratory at the physics department, University Laval
Franco Rasetti cuts limestone to expose Trilobites in a laboratory of the Physics Department
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