Fankuchen Collection

Bohr Converses with Unidentified People
Fankuchen and Unidentified Person Converse
Fankuchen (left) and Unidentified Students
Bohr and Eistein Conversing
Bragg Demonstrates Experiment
Herman Mark with others in Holzhausen, Germany
Fokker, Mark, Brillouin and Ott Outdoors
Portrait from Fankuchen Collection
Earl Ubell
Bertram Warren, William Tunnell, Joseph Donnay, Lester Germer, Fredrik Zachariasen, Maurice Huggins and Martin Buerger at Gibson Island
British Association Meeting
Fankuchen, Miller and Tobias Converse
Max von Laue
Bragg Outdoors at Cambridge
Fankuchen Teaches
Martin Buerger, Harold Wyckoff, and Kathleen Lonsdale
Fankuchen Attends Party in Lab
Group photograph of faculty and staff at Cavendish Laboratory in 1937
Bragg Conversing


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