Franck Collection

Franck and Unidentified Others on Excursion
Informal portrait of Reinhold Mannkopff
Arthur von Hippel
Franck and Unidentified Others on Excursion
Reinhold Mannkopff, Kyropoulos and B. Kirschstein with automobile
Paul Ehrenfest's visit with Galinka (daughter) at James Franck's house
Franck and Unidentified Others at Party
Reinhold Mannkopff having tea with others
Students at the Gottingen Institute feigning frustration or boredom
Franck and Others at Celebration
Reinhold Mannkopff attends a dinner party
Gottingen Institute Christmas Party
Ehrenfest Visits with Galinka and Franck
Werner Heisenberg
Francks at the Max Planck Institute
Hilbert and Franck converse
Group at the Gottingen Institute
Excursion to the Weser River
Otto Oldenberg on an excursion to the Weser


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