Rubin Collection

Frogel, Sandage, Rubin and McCarthy Share a Meal
Allan Sandage and Vera Rubin working at 150-inch console
Portrait of John O'Keefe
Yakov Zeldovich with Vera Rubin
Portrait of John O'Keefe
Jan Oort and Gart Westerhout at Leiden in The Netherlands
Jan Oort, Gart Westerhout, and Mieke Oort sitting at a table eating at Vera Rubin's home
Portrait of Vera Rubin
Vera Rubin in front of Jan Oort's birthplace in Franeker, Netherlands
Vera Rubin standing by Carnegie Institution Washington truck
Vera Rubin shakes hands with President Bill Clinton and Vice Presidence Al Gore
Vera Rubin and K. Rudnicki on top of dome of 200-inch Palomar telescope
Vera Rubin (center leaning forward), Bob Rubin, Jan Burke and Bernard F. Burke at International Astronomical Union event
Unknown, Unknown, Vera Rubin (with arms gesturing), Margaret E. Burbidge and D.W. Sciama at Judith Perry's house
Burke and Oort conversing
Vera Rubin measuring spectra at the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism
Vera Rubin standing by the Lowell Observatory 72-in telescope
Baldwin, Oort, and Rubins at Mt. Faulhorn
Vera Rubin standing by the Lowell Observatory 72-in telescope


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