Léon Brillouin Collection

Niels Bohr, Henrick David, Guglielmo Marconi and Dean Baptiste Perrin at the Conference on Nuclear Physics
Attendees at Jubilee for the Dutch Society of Science
Fourth Solvay Conference on Physics
Darwin stands inside a gallery
Brillouin enjoys a picnic with friends
Brillouin with wife Marcelle outdoors
Casual portrait of Marcel Courtines
Informal group stands outdoors
Brillouin with wife hiking in the snow
Franken Works at His Desk
Brillouin converses with unidentified men.
Informal group sits outdoors on porch
Brillouin sits with wife on Kullen Mountain
Studio portrait of Brillouin.
Unidentified people on Boat
Lewis and Peter Debye sit conversing with others
Brillouin with wife hiking.
Portrait of Brillouin
Condon and Brillouin Outdoors
Brillouin, Cady and friends conversing


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