Margaret Russell Edmondson Collection

Informal portrait of Henry Norris Russell
Unidentified children sitting for a picture
Henry Norris Russell lecturing at blackboard
Portrait of Henry Norris Russell as a child
Henry Norris Russell sitting in his office
Portrait of Henry Norris Russell
Henry Norris Russell lecturing and gesturing at a graph
Charles Augustus Young
Henry Norris Russell and S. Chandrasekhar converse
Charles Augustus Young
Russell and Spitzer
Solar Eclipse Expedition headed by Young
Henry Norris Russell, Unknown person, H. Shapley and W. de Sitter relaxing
Charles Augustus Young
Mrs. Russell, Henry Russell, Mrs. Dyson and Frank Dyson on the beach
Mrs. Dyson, Margaret Russell, Mrs. Russell, Henry Russell, Lucy Russell and Arthur Eddington outdoor
Frank Dyson, Mrs. Dyson, Mrs. Russell, Margaret Russell, Henry Russell and Lucy Russell outdoor
Donald Menzel, Henry Russel Jr., and Harlow Shapley conversing
Henry Norris Russell looking in a microscope
Portrait of Henry Norris Russell


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