Roman Collection

Outlook Committee at Langley Research Center
Nancy Roman and Al Lazaruth conversing
Nancy Roman stands next to artist's conception of space platform
Nancy Roman (right) and William Deutschman (left) converse at the Smithsonian
Great Nublea in Andromeda, taken from Yerkes Observatory
Group at IAU Star Dusk Conference on Interstellar Grains
Nancy Roman at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Recipients of the Federal Women's Award Meet with President Kennedy
Nebula M101 in Ursa Major taken from Mount Wilson Observatory
Nancy Roman works with a model of the Orbiting Solar Observatory (OSO)
Nancy Roman converses with unidentified students from Sullins
The Moon taken from Yerkes Observatory
Aerojet-General Group Photo
Nancy Roman working at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Nancy Roman (left) and Al Lazaruth (right) converse
Robert Rubin, Vera Rubin, Martin McCarthy, Sandra Moore Faber, Ray Weyman, and Nancy Roman attending an event
Portrait of Nancy Roman


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