Panofsky Collection

Budker, Protopenko, and Panofsky
Wolfgang Panofsky, Wang Taijie, Adele Panofsky, Wenyu Zhang and Paul Tsai on visit to Paleoparadoxia lab
Alvarez and Panofsky with Test Cavity
Joint (USSR/USA) Consultative Commission on the Fundamental Properties of Matter Meeting held at SLAC
Wolfgang Panofsky addressing a joint gathering of APS and the National Bureau of Standards
Opening of the Technical Working Group II
Wolfgang Panofsky with the young son of Sasha Skrinsky in Novosibirsk
Glenn Seaborg; Wolfgang Panofsky; Wallace Sterling, Donald Hornig and Edward Ginzton at a SLAC Dedication
Wolfgang Panofsky, Adele Panofsky, and Herbert Destaebler at SLAC picnic
Herbert York in Moscow
Wolfgang Panofsky (left), Senator Pastore (right) and Ken Copenhagen (background, left)
PRC Delegation to SLAC
Gus Voss, Wolfgang Panofsky and Sasha Shrinsky walking at the Institute of Nuclear Physics
Greg Loew, W.K.H. Panofsky and President Pompidou in the SLAC Central Control
Wolfgang Panofsky with others on a visit to SLAC
Greg Loew, President Pompidou, Wolfgang Panofsky, McCloskey (doorway, background), and others on a tour
Wolfgang Panofsky, David Coward, unidentified and Bart Hooley at the construction of SLAC's Beam Switchyard
Wolfgang Panofsky at the Annual Physicists baseball game
Wolfgang Panofsky and Sergei Kapitza conversing during a conference coffee break
Professor Velikov, Wolfgang Panofsky, Spurgeon Keeny and Murph Goldberger on visit to Moscow


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