Zallen Collection

Phonon-polariton dispersion curve
Richard Zallen as Atlas
Retirement Lunch for Zallen
Richard Zallen at Harvard
Randy Heflin
Richard Zallen at Harvard
Paul McElroy and Richard Zallen in Gordon McKay Lab
Richard and Robyn Zallen at Virginia Tech
Unidentified, Alain Polian, Bernard A. Weinstein, Manuel Cardona, Neville Connell, Marshall Nathan, and Ted Moustakas attend a dinner
Richard Zallen at Raman Lab
William Paul and Richard Zallen at Harvard semiconductor-group picnic
Richard and Doris Zallen at Virginia Tech
William Paul, Paul M. Grant and Lawrence C. Kravitz at a dinner
Semiconductor-group dinner at Jake Wirth's, Boston
William Paul, Vera Tauc, Paul M. Grant, Lawrence C. Kravitz and Jan Tauc at at a dinner
International Summer Course on Solid State Physics, Optical Properties of Semiconductors, sponsored by NATO Advanced Study Institute
Jan Tauc and William Paul
Gordon Research Conference


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