William Megger with Siegbahn and others at the Nobel Institute
Informal portrait of Fred Whipple
Informal portrait of Robert Sharp
Emilio Segre standing near Lowshare - Nuclear Explosive Package
Emilio Segre at Los Alamos during the time of the Manhattan Project
Roy Schwitters with J.D. Jackson hiking
Henry Kendall with small child
Outdoor portrait of David Jackson
Dodge on the Colorado River
Einstein, Dukas, and Weisgal
Emilio Segre and family hiking outdoors
Emilio Segre, Linenberger and Farwell at Lake Catherine
Urry and Fellow Workers at Swimming Pool
Urry with Her Daughters in Hawaii
Child playing in rubble
Possibly Court Room Hearing
Hefland in Costume with Spouse Nearby
Helfand Attends ALMA Dedication
Einstein in Berlin
Einstein Albert B88


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