Informal portrait of Jeanne Goudsmit
Hedwig Kohn with her school class
Hedwig Kohn having a picnic with others
Fermi and Others at Picnic
Telegdi at Picnic
Telegdi at Picnic
Portrait of Lia Telegdi
Telegdi Family Picnic
Unidentified people having a picnic outside.
Brillouin enjoys a picnic with friends
Brillouin with unidentified group picnicing
Lorella Jones and others attending University of Illinoiis Physics Department picnic
Andre Muller (right) with his family and Ruth Irwin at Morado picnic
CERN picnic
CERN Theory Group picnic
Jacques Prentki at a CERN Theory Group picnic
Mrs. Samuel Goudsmit, Irene Leslie, Richard Present, William Rarita, and standing is Milton Slawsky
CERN Theory Group picnic
Ginsberg and Grad Students at Picnic
June Steingart-Chamberlain


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