Kevin Marvel skiing at the Brighton Ski resort
Ski Lift at Verbier
Telegdi at Ski Lodge
Telegdi and Group at Ski Lodge
Niels Bohr Exhibit
Paul Grant and Richard Greene in Alta, Utah
Bohr, Weizsacker, 1932
Frederic, Irene Joliot-Curie and E. Allais rest from skiing
Alpert skiing
Enrico Persico skiing
Skiing Group at Los Alamos
Niels Bohr Skis
Ski Group at Los Alamos
Niels Bohr Skiing
Franco Rasetti skis at Lake Beauport
Bohr with Grandson Skiing in Norway
Manfred Schroeder skiing at Cannon Mountain, New Hampshire
Fermi and Persico Skiing
Bohr and Mottelson Ride on Train
Harald Enge Teaching


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