Informal portrait of Emilio Segre
Informal portrait of Slava Saransev
Emilio Segre with a group in Italy
Emilio Segre and Isidor Rabi conversing
Giuseppe Occhialini and Cecil Powell at Lake Como
Portrait of Charles Steinmetz
Telegdis at Princeton
Telegdis at Table
Telegdi at Harbor
Feigenbaum Sits Outdoors at Chaos Conference
Burbridge Interviewed by DeVorkin
Portrait of Charles Potwin
Portrait of Ludwik Silberstein
An unidentified man and Oktay Sinanoglu at New York University's (NYU) First International Conference
John Clarke Slater and Henry A Barton conversing with unidentified others
Theodore Vorburger
Gart Westerhout at the American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting
Rupert Wildt at La Silla Paranal Observatory
Russian Scientists Savor Success
Van Zandt Williams and Dr. Thomson at time of Optical Society America (OSA) meeting


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