Lectures and lecturing

L.B. Okan, Emilio Segre and Edward Teller lecture in front of blackboard
Henry Noyes lecturing in front of blackboard
Yuval Ne'eman lecturing at blackboard
John Norris lecturing at IAU in 1977
John Norris lecturing at IAU in 1977
Hendrik Kramers lecturing in a classroom in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Goudsmit at Rockefeller Institute
Einstein at Collège de France
James Wiss at the blackboard lecturing
Emilio Segre speaking in Rome
Cabibbo Lecturing
Nicola Cabibo Lecturing
Glenn Lectures from the Blackboard
Ron Mallett and Ron Mickens sharing a joke after lecture
Ronald Mickens, Ronald Mallett and Aakhut E. Bak in Aakhut's class
Frisch Lectures
Helfand Lectures
Einstein at Leiden
Emilio Segre presenting at an event
Students Attend Lecture


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