Lectures and lecturing

Samuel Goudsmit
John Kogut lecturing at a blackboard.
John Quinn lecturing from blackboard
Donald O. Smith lecturing at the Seminole Hotel
Professor Gleb Wataghin lecturing on the multiple production of mesons and nonlocal field theory
Ernest Lyman giving lecture
Clayton Lectures at Rice University
Andre Marechal lecturing at The Optical Society (OSA) meeting
John Quinn at a blackboard giving a presentation
James S. Solomon demonstrating the force of atmospheric pressure to children
Edward Wolf lecturing at podium
W. Hromanik, Robert (Bob) Marlatt and Ernest M. Lyman in lecture room
June Matthews presents a colloquium
Jan Rajchman lecturing
Lewis Spencer lecturing near blackboard
Victor Weisskipf addresses a physics colloquium
A Physics course being taught in Equador, funded by United Nations Special Fund with UNESCO
Bardeen Lectures
Cynthia McIntyre lecturing at blackboard


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