Lectures and lecturing

John Ellis
James Dewar delivering a lecture
Chiao Lecturing
Luigi Jacchia lecturing at podium
Informal portrait of Behram Kursunoglu
Isaak Khalatnikov lecturing at blackboard
Hendrik Kramers lecturing in a classroom in front of a blackboard in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Atsuo Matsui presenting Emmanuel Rashba's ICL 1999 Prize Winner Lecture
Robert Marshak lecturing at the Rochester Conference in 1957
David Mermin speaks at a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Physics Department Colloquium
Gordon Newkirk speaking at podium at High Altitude Observatory
Hoag lectures at Colorado College
John Hopfield
Hughes lectures at the Upsala Conference
Norman Ramsey lecturing at the 'Time Reversal, Symmetry, Parity' session
Robert Richardson lecturing at the 'Strange Properties of Matter' session
Vera Rubin lecturing at the 'Dark Matter, Large Scale Motion, and other Mysteries of the Universe' session
Abdus Salam lecturing at Stanford
Roy Schwitters lecturing at the 'Prospects for Elementary Particle Physics in the 21st Century' session


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