Lectures and lecturing

Nandini Trivedi
Willem de Sitter ath the blackboard lecturing
John R. Schrieffer at podium giving lecture to class
Tomonaga lecturing
Joel Snow lecturing from the blackboard
Martinus Veltman
Rachel Wortis lectures from the blackboard
Victor Weisskopf lecturing in front of a blackboard
Harvey E. White explaining the Einstein mass-energy equation in a lesson on nuclear disintegration
Adair Lecturing
Azbel Leads Sunday Seminar
Burks Lectures
Cronin Lectures
Fisher Lecturing
Goldstone Lectures
Chien-shiung Wu lecturing using an overhead projector
Leon Lederman
Willem Luyten lecturing at International Astronomical Union (IAU) Symposium.
Bohr Lectures at Columbia University


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