Lectures and lecturing

Fermi Lectures
Informal Portrait of Glashow
Crane Lectures at Michigan
Harald Enge Teaching
Dylla Gives Presentation at AVS Conference
Frauenfelder Lecturing
Alpar with Overhead Projector
Edwin Goldwasser
Gutierrez Lectures on Magnetism
Icko Iben lecturing at a blackboard
Friedrich Kottler teaching at blackboard
Petr Kapitsa lecturing at conference
Robert Kraft lecturing
Humphrey Maris lecturing
Syukuro Manabe giving a commemorative lecture
Werner Heisenberg
Walter Munk lecturing from a blackboard
Angela Olinto during her University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Physics Dept.'s Colloquium
Chaim Pekeris lectures at the Uppsala Conference


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