Lectures and lecturing

Ilya Prigogine lecturing
Franco Rasetti teaches a course to Claude Geoffrion and Alberic Boivin
Sally Ride gives a lecture
Ernest Rutherford speaking into a microphone
Joseph H. Taylor
Emilio Segre lecturing at Berkeley
Larry Smarr (left) lecturing
Jeremiah Sullivan lectures from the blackboard
Carl Weiman lecturing
Steven Weinberg lecturing at front of classroom
John Archibald Wheeler lecturing about Space-time
Raymond Palmer and Ralph Winch working in a lecture room
Anderson at blackboard writing
Bohr Lectures
Clapp lectures.
Dicke Lectures
Gell-Mann Lecturing
Hutchisson lecturing.
Gerry Neugebauer lecturing at podium
Michael Loui lectures at a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Physics Department Colloquium


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