Lectures and lecturing

Harry Schwettman chairing the Brookhaven Summer Study
Waltraut C. Seitter lecturing at Physics Centre
Bromley lecturing at Yale
Bragg Demonstrates Experiment
Douglas Pewitt lecturing at the Corp Association meeting
Prof. Bassam Shakhashiri's chemistry lecture
Ralph Simmons speaking at the Fifth International Conference
Jack Worlton lecturing on Japanese Supercomputer Initiatives: Challenge and Response
M. Franklin at Balckboard
Bernard Gregory
Prof. James Phillips lecturing on physics at University of Chicago
Koichi Shimoda discussing maser research in Japan
Jack Steinberger lecturing at blackboard in classroom
David Thomas
Baym and Bethe Lecture
Walter Heikkila
Lee Pondrom using an overhead projector
George Sinclair giving a lecture
Bruce Stephenson (second from left) listening to lecture
Theos Thompson


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