Lectures and lecturing

Frank Nabamo speaking during the UIUC Physics Dept.'s Symposium
Angela Olinto during her University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Physics Dept.'s Colloquium
Holton lectures.
David Pines speaks at the Outreach Lecture
Informal portrait of Isidor Isaac Rabi
Thorpe Lectures.
Marshall Rosenbluth lecturing to group
Daniel Stein lecturing
Julian Schwinger lecturing at blackboard
Frederick Seitz lecturing in front of a blackboard
Lyman Spitzer speaking during the Silliman Lecture at Yale
Albert Wattenberg at the Colloquium he gave in 1988-89 school year on nuclear reaction
Victor Weisskopf lectures
Harvey E. White explaining the operation of a uranium pile
Adair Lecturing
Becker lecturing
J. Lubelfeld lecturing on Molecular Electronics
Seminar on High Energy Astrophysics
Fowler lectures


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