Lectures and lecturing

Harald Enge Teaching
Dylla Gives Presentation at AVS Conference
Frauenfelder Lecturing
Alpar with Overhead Projector
Edwin Goldwasser
Gutierrez Lectures on Magnetism
Icko Iben lecturing at a blackboard
Friedrich Kottler teaching at blackboard
Petr Kapitsa lecturing at conference
Robert Kraft lecturing
Humphrey Maris lecturing
Syukuro Manabe giving a commemorative lecture
Werner Heisenberg
Walter Munk lecturing from a blackboard
Angela Olinto during her University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Physics Dept.'s Colloquium
Holt Lectures.
David Pine's delivers Outreach Lecture
Hutchisson lecturing
Robert Resnick lectures on acoustics to a class of engineering students


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