Lectures and lecturing

Marshall Rosenbluth lecturing at blackboard
Sara Solla attends a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Physics Department Colloquium
Julian Schwinger lecturing at event
Frederick Seitz lectures from a podium
George Uhlenbeck
Martinus Veltman
Alfred Zawadowski
Victor Weisskopf lecturing with the aid of an overhead projector
Harvey E. White explaining the principles of a cyclotron in a lesson on atomic accelerators
Adair Lecturing
Bardeen Lectures
Butler lectures
Crook Lecturing
Foerster and Franck Lecture
C.J. Gorter
David Wilkinson lecturing
Seymour Lindenbaum
Martin Buerger, Harold Wyckoff, and Kathleen Lonsdale
Michael Murphy lecturing at symposium
L-R: Bohr and Pauli


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