Letter from Lise Meitner to John Archibald Wheeler about the latest results
John Archibald Wheeler lecturing about Space-time
National electrical standards were officially transferred to the NBS Gaithersburg laboratories with signing ceremony
Emilio Segre at his Berkeley office
Emilio Segre working in his office
Portriat of Hedwig Kohn's uncle Georg Less
George Hale
Hedwig Kohn working at a desk
Hedwig Kohn working at a desk
Charles E. Guillaume
Donald Arthur Glaser
Informal portrait of Tullio Regge
Casual Portrait of Dodge
Portrait of Dodge in Uniform
Portrait of Dodge
Dirac Writes on Blackboard
Dodge Sits at Desk
Beatrice Tinsley
Christine Jones writes on a blackboard
Bell Burnell Writing


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